100% made in Japan and imported from Japan to Hong Kong.

Do not contain chemicals like Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) or powder. Non-corrosive in nature, do not harm your furniture & home appliances (no oxidation or rust).

Our service team has attained the qualification of being a Environmental Supervisor or Safety Supervisor.

Please clean your apartment beforehand. Clean the floor, remove the dust of the furniture & cabinets. Empty the drawers & cabinets if already moved in. Put the things in the middle of the room or sitting room. Don’t put anything near the walls.

No more cleaning is needed. Materials are extracted from natural plants, absolutely safe.

It helps to reduce the unpleasant smell caused by chemicals. Always keep the room with air mobile, it also helps to expedite bad smell removal after treatment. It cannot remove the smell of furniture made of sandalwood, pine or agarwood. This furniture type will keep its natural smell.

Our solution is “decomposition”. Formaldehyde & VOCs will be decomposed after treatment. We are not using “Coating” solution. You can check with other company for details, if needed.

You can enter the house immediately after the treatment. It does no harm to human body but please wait for 24-48 hours to use your furniture or put your stuffs into the drawers & cabinets.

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